Syeda Akther - Los Angeles, CA

I started this year off by attending Laina's workshop. Her intention setting workshop was everything I needed and I didn't even know it!  I was buying a new house and looking for a new job but couldn't see it come to fruition.

Laina's workshop helped me to DREAM BIG and set specific intention to manifest it into life.  My favorite part was letting go of all the negativity from 2018 and speak out loud everything that held me back from achieving my goals in 2019.  With a deeper connection to my soul lifeline, I am on a mission to make 2019 MY YEAR!   So far it's been two weeks and not only did we closed on our new home but I got a job offer!  

Laina has the natural ability to see what you're afraid to see within you and guide you to the light.  She is full of knowledge, vision, and this positive light that leaves you feeling confident in yourself.  I love the energy she brings and is truly invested in your well-being.   She is definitely worth having in your life and this workshop was worth every cent! 

Laina FlorioComment