Amy Powers - Los Angeles, CA

“Laina is a gracefully gentle, yet powerful guide to expanding your vision, releasing emotional and spiritual blocks, and taking specific actions to forward growth. In a matter of a 4 hour workshop, she created a trusting community where each of us were led to envision and take steps towards a more peaceful, empowered and impassioned future. With Laina’s help, we were able to dream bigger, identify our hesitations and stumbling blocks without blame or shame, course correct some thoughts and stories that no longer served us; and, importantly, take practical steps towards realizing our desires. Laina brings a perfect balance of compassionate wisdom and no-nonsense action to her work. Her deeply evolved spiritual side allows her to provide a steady heart- centered space within which you can dive deeply into the things that have been holding you back, and her corporate leadership background gives her a keen awareness of productivity and goal-orientation which she uses to show you how to quickly move forward. I highly recommend her!”

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