A "What If" Approach to the Meaning of Life:

Subtitled:  (I am not claiming to be an expert on life, just my perspective) 

What if the meaning of life was simply to experience "aliveness" as much as possible?  

What is aliveness?  Aliveness is being fully awake and present moment by moment to our magnificence as humans, and all that is true.  

What is true?   What is true is that we are far more capable as humans than we realize.  Our minds, hearts and bodies are capable of experiencing immensely greater magic, joy and healing than we realize.  Sadly, most of us go through life barely questioning this.  Some may start on this path of inquiry, only to discontinue because it’s seems too daunting, or worse, not possible.

What if anything that negates the experience of aliveness isn’t real?  In other words, sometimes we just feel like crap... is that real?  In a sense it is, because you feel it, therefore yes.  However, any negative emotions that we temporarily feel are just a function of our mind (the ego) that tries to convince us that it’s true.  For example, let’s say something didn’t turn out the way you had hoped.  Then, your ego mind tells you “you’re a failure!”  Would you believe this thought/inner voice?  Most people do.  Let’s consider that you just believed your own negative thought then started walking though life with an underlying belief that you are a failure.  It’s only real if you believe it to be true.  When did your mind get to be in charge and dictate your life, beliefs and actions?  When you allowed it to.  When you gave it permission.  This is a choice.  You CAN choose which thought to believe and which ones not to.  A simple truth is:  “You need your mind, but you are NOT your mind.”

Well then who am I?  This is totally complex but in simple terms,  you are NOT your mind, you are not your thoughts and you don’t have to walk though life believing anything contrary to your absolute truth, which is that you are love.  

Say that again?  Yes, you are love.  You were born one day as a magnificent little baby filled with possibilities.  Then life happened and you were molded and shaped by life.  And somewhere along the way you forgot that you were love.  You forgot your magnificence.  You allowed your mind, not on purpose of course, to take charge and dictate your experiences and choices. 

Then who’s in charge?  Love is in charge.  Your heart, your spirit and your ability to attune to the immense love that exists within you.  It is your birthright.  Once you tune into this most precious truth, you will begin to be kinder to yourself and others, then make better choices.  

What if I can’t do that?  You can.  I promise.  Just try.  



Laina Florio4 Comments