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3 Month Coaching Mastermind Group

The Coaching Mastermind Group is an experiential-style program for a max of 5 women who are ready to create a thriving coaching practice. Over the course of three months you will learn how to “get” clients (step-by-step process), transform your relationship with money, strengthen your leadership skills, and learn to coaching while coming from a place of service.

The group is for you if:

  • You love coaching and are already serving people.

  • You are called to grow your business and create greater financial flow and prosperity.

  • You haven’t quite figured out how to create strong income in coaching.

  • You have hit a plateau in your earnings and have not been able to move past it.

  • You are willing to experiment with new approaches and ways of being in service to your growth, and the growth of your practice.

  • You are willing to be challenged, encouraged, and coached into playing a bigger game.

  • You are willing to drop limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from growing your business.

  • You want to be supported by other women who are on your path, where you can learn from each other.  

This group is NOT for you if:

  • You are opposed to a slowed down, more intimate conversations with people as a way to build relationships and connections, and ultimately as a way to build clients.

  • You do not like learning, practicing new behaviors, taking risks, and being uncomfortable.

  • You want to be given the answers and “told what to do” rather than take personal responsibility and make choices regarding your work such as fees, program structure, etc.

  • You are against having FUN and laughing a lot, and celebrating each others success :)


Primary Focus Topics:  

  • Client Enrollment - we would practice enrollment strategically and experientially, and I would share my own personal strategy and techniques.  

  • Building networks and connections

  • Charging clients

  • Money - Creating Wealth Consciousness

  • Creating a business structure - I would share my tools.

  • Establishing pricing, packages and calendar for the next year.  

  • Learning new coaching techniques.

  • Standing in your own self worth as a coach.

  • Service based coaching vs. pleasing based coaching  

  • Creating Thinking Partnerships.


Learning & Growth:

  • Building confidence as a coach

  • Coaching at a higher level.

  • Overcoming small-self fears such as “Am I good enough to coach?” “I feel like a fraud”

  • Strengthen communication skills - coming from the heart.

  • Stretch beyond your comfort zone.

  • Building a sisterhood of love, acceptance and appreciation.


  • Prior training as a coach in any capacity - life, health, nutrition, fitness, healing, etc.

  • Has or had at least one client.

  • Willingness to communicate honestly, openly and vulnerably with me, and the group in order to receive the maximum support available.  

  • Willingness to let go of being perfect and make spectacular mistakes in service to learning and growth.

  • Willingness to have a beginners mindset - be open to new ideas.

  • Attendance at all three 4 Hour Video Conference Calls.  


  • (2) 4 Hour Video Zoom Conference - This is the kickoff, initial training, sharing tools, resources and laying the groundwork for the next 3 months.

  • (6) 2 hour coaching conference call every 2 weeks as a group for the duration of the 3 months.  I will be coaching each participant during these calls. (These will be recorded and shared for those who can’t make the actual call)

  • (1) Private Coaching Call with me at the conclusion of the 3 months program

  • Weekly Reports

  • 32 day Wealth Consciousness Practice

  • Facebook group to share ideas, questions, wins and opportunities

  • Unlimited Support from me in our private Facebook Group and group email

  • Required Reading

  • Consistent Challenges

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