Nicol Moeller - New York, NY

How do you sum up the totality of a person or experience that has positively changed your life?  

The lessons can be ever unfolding, revealing its gifts along the way. It becomes part of your journey of self-discovery, self-love, and compassion. It is spiritual and unique. 

Working with Laina is just that. It is a spiritual awakening - a process that will ultimately change you and lead you towards the discovery of your true self. 

Laina is a gift. She’s a human capable of immense love and compassion, and she’s fierce in how she shows up for you. She is an unwavering accountability partner. 

To say that I’m grateful for Laina would be an understatement! 

When I began working with Laina I was dealing with a weakened immune system that caused a myriad of health issues brought on by high stress levels. 

I saw doctor after doctor who told me they couldn’t (or wouldn’t) help me. 

I never realized that working with Laina would ultimately be part of my healing journey. I guess I assumed I’d book more work, or attract more money into my life but what happened was bigger than that. 

Laina’s is the beacon of light that safely guides you towards self-discovery. “You don’t know what you don’t know” but Laina’s willingness to be vulnerable inspired the same in me, and I was to unpack baggage I never knew I had! I was able to heal from some old wounds and I owe that all to our work together. 

If you are thinking about creating a working relationship with Laina for ANY reason, please give yourself the gift of saying YES. What will come of it will be far beyond what you have imagined.  

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