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Fajardo, Puerto Rico Retreat - January 2019

Fajardo, Puerto Rico Retreat - January 2019

I lead retreats because I absolutely love supporting others in living more fulfilling lives. Retreats allow us the opportunity to relax and let go. You don't have to plan anything, we do that for you. Attendees can take time to decompress, or get involved in workshops and/or activities. There is no pressure at all. We choose our destinations carefully - they are beautiful, luxurious, and inspire relaxation. You'll return home feeling more healthy, balanced, and refreshed with new ways of maintaining peace in your everyday life. All retreats are similar, yet each follow a theme. Some retreats have more of a focus on mindfulness and relaxation, some have workshops. All have at least one Yoga class, but not all retreats are β€œYoga Retreats.” To keep our retreats more intimate, there is a max of 15 attendees. Pssst.... You don't need to be an expert in yoga to attend, beginners are welcome!

Retreats & Workshops


January: Puerto Rico

January: New Year Intention Setting Workshops (Los Angeles)

July: Making Money Your Partner Workshop - Co-led with Beth Dana (Online Workshop)

October : Mexico - Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat



January : Caribbean Retreat

January: 2020 Planning Workshops (online and Los Angeles)

March: Belize or Costa Rica Retreat

May: Tuscany, Italy Retreat

July: Sundance, Utah Retreat

October : Mexico - Relax & Let Go Retreat (Details coming soon!)