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3 Month Training Program for Emerging Coaches

Are you ready to up-level your coaching practice?

The Life Coach Intensive is an experiential-style training program for coaches who are ready to build a thriving coaching practice. Over the course of three months you will learn how to create new “quality” clients (step-by-step process), structure your business, up-level your coaching skills, build leadership skills, charge your worth, and learn to coach while coming from a place of service.

The Coaching Mastermind is for you if:

  • You love coaching and are already serving people

  • You are called to grow your business and create greater financial flow and prosperity

  • You haven’t quite figured out how to create strong income in coaching

  • You are willing to experiment with new approaches and ways of being in service to your growth and the growth of your practice

  • You are willing to be challenged, encouraged, and coached into playing a bigger game

  • You are willing to drop limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from growing your business

  • You want to be supported by others who are on your path, where you can learn from each other

The Coaching Mastermind is NOT for you if:

  • You are opposed to more intimate conversations with people as a way to build relationships and connections, and ultimately as a way to build clients

  • You do not like learning, practicing new behaviors, taking risks, and being uncomfortable

  • You want to be given the answers and “told what to do” rather than take personal responsibility and make choices regarding your work such as fees, program structure, etc.

  • You are against having FUN, laughing a lot, and celebrating each others success!

"If you want something you’ve never had, you’ll

have to do something you’ve never done”

Primary Focus Topics:

  • Client Enrollment: We will practice enrollment strategically and experientially. I will share my personal strategy, tools & techniques.

  • Building networks and connections

  • Charging clients - Knowing and trusting your worth and value

  • Money - Creating Wealth Consciousness

  • Creating a business structure

  • Establishing pricing, packages and calendar for the next year

  • Learning new coaching techniques

  • Standing in your own self worth as a coach

  • Service based coaching vs. pleasing based coaching

  • Creating Thinking Partnerships

Learning & Growth:

  • Building confidence as a coach

  • Coaching at a higher level

  • Overcoming small-self fears

  • Strengthen communication skills - coming from the heart

  • Stretch beyond your comfort zone


  • Prior training as a coach in any capacity - life, health, nutrition, fitness, healing, etc.

  • Has or had at least one paying client

  • Willingness to communicate honestly, openly and vulnerably with me, and the group in order to receive the maximum support available

  • Willingness to let go of being perfect and make spectacular mistakes in service to learning and growth

  • Willingness to have a beginners mindset - be open to new ideas


  • (1) Private Coaching Call with me prior to course commencement (Free)

  • 10 Coaching / Training Sessions via Zoom Conference

  • Weekly Reports

  • Unlimited email support from me in between sessions

  • Required reading


  • $3000 - via Credit Card, Venmo, Apple Pay, PayPal, or bank transfer.

  • Payment plans available.


  • Let’s discuss whether The Life Coaching Intensive is a fit for you. If you are interested, contact me at info@lainaflorio.com to set up an exploratory phone call.

  • LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE. I only work with 10 clients at a time to allow for a more focused, intimate experience.

Book an exploratory call with Laina:


"The greatest investment you can ever make is in


About Laina Florio

Laina is a Spiritual Life & Business Coach based in Los Angeles, and works with clients virtually all over the globe. Laina is passionate about empowering others to evolve into the highest version of themselves, advancing in all areas of their lives. Together they break through limiting beliefs, gaining clarity on career and life objectives, improving relationships, wealth consciousness, and career success.

Her career stemmed from her own life experience of breaking through inner barriers in service to creating the life she dreamed of. After 20+ years in the corporate world, Laina received her Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, along with an advanced degree in Consciousness, Health & Healing, along with numerous other modalities to enhance learning and growth.  

Laina has a thriving international practice consisting of 1x1 clients, workshops, and leading travel retreats worldwide to luxury destinations in the U.S., Mexico, Caribbean, and Europe. Philanthropy has always been a heartfelt passion. She volunteers extensively, leading workshops, trainings and has raised significant funding for a variety of causes - Prison Reform, orphanages in Mexico, Senior Living Homes, Hurricane Relief in Anguilla and Puerto Rico, and more. Laina is based in Los Angeles, travels extensively, and an avid Yogi which she incorporates into her travel retreats.